Review submitted by Michael Lee (Buyer) on 14 Aug 2022

We are very happy with our purchase and we could not have asked for more with Dan's expert guidance and recommendations throughout the process. We highly recommend him and Ashlee!

Tony & Caroline Cook

My experience with Dan Raphael stems from awareness of his prominence as the "go to" realtor for my area over the past eighteen years. However, asking him to sell my house only recently was the first time I had met him, or had any direct dealings with him. Needing to sell my house within a limited time frame, I looked far and wide for the best possible "pro" to sell my house. All searches led to Dan—one of those "old school" realtors who entered the profession early in life, and has attained the highest levels of effectiveness in a business in which, for an outsider, it is sometimes difficult to separate "the wheat from the chaff." What I was looking for was clear at once. Dan is a person who gets the job done by establishing a plan of action, finding potential qualified buyers, assisting the buyer and seller alike with impressive business contacts (and whom deliver at breakneck speed!) in all matters connected with the transaction. Instilling confidence from the outset, he is a fountain of knowledge in all matters connected with the sale or purchase of real estate in my area. In short, he knows who to call. Within days, our house found three highly qualified potential buyers; Dan knew how to make sure we played our hand for the best scenario, steering us through it with ease, and always, with an immediate accessibility for the complications and issues that inevitably arise. Guiding his daughter, Ashlee, through the process of becoming as effective a realtor as himself, she has worked with him from the outset of our sale and seems destined to build the same impressive presence in the business. They are a team that will be hard for any competitor to overtake.

Dan & Nancy Rudd

As a builder I had Dan Raphael list and sell a spec home off the plans at 2902 La Ventana in San Clemente in 1988. This was the first of many successful real estate transactions that I closed with Dan. He sold me two lots on Calle Rosita and we sold both of these homes once completed. We also purchased two other lots that we had Dan list and sell for us in Capistrano Beach, one on Avenida Las Palmas and the other

on Avenida La Cuesta in San Clemente. Dan helped us acquire a home on the bluff in Capistrano Beach that was our family home for many enjoyable years. In 2012, Dan listed and got that home sold and then represented us in the purchase of our present home on Linda Isle in Newport Beach. I have often joked that I have known Dan longer than my lovely wife of decades. I can say that without a doubt Dan has always served us well. His knowledge, wisdom and negotiation skills have proven immensely beneficial and we would highly recommend both him and his daughter Ashlee for any of your real estate need

Mary Ann Remer

Would like to thank Dan Raphael and his daughter Ashlee Hart for their exemplary work listing and selling my house in a market that is and was difficult. I as a single woman had appointed another realtor for several months who rarely showed my home or took time to communicate the process with me. Feeling frustrated and confused I mentioned my concerns in a local setting wherein everyone hands down recommended Mr. Raphael. At once Dan and Ashlee made me feel comfortable with the process explaining in detail terms, procedures and my options. They worked timelessly together listing and finally selling my house to my satisfaction. Dan Raphael sincerely cares and is proficient with his experience and skills. I would employ and highly recommend him to locate, buy or sell property in a heartbea

Jeff Strandstra

Dan and Ashlee were great help to us when we really needed it. My wife and I moved in with my 99 year old father to help care for him and his property. Within the first month the tenant of the apartment that was part of my father's duplex gave notice. My wife called several real estate offices to seek help in renting out the apartment. Ashlee responded quickly and gave us a sense of confidence in her ability to find new tenants. She listed the apartment and it stayed vacant for only three days. Mainly so we could make necessary repairs. Sadly, two months later my father passed away. His portion of the duplex needed a lot of repairs and upgrades. Dan and Ashlee provided us with a lot of helpful advice which saved us money. Once the unit was ready to sell Dan held an open house and within three days we had a deal. Which raised the next issue, where were we to live. Dan worked with us for more than a week showing us prospective properties within our price range. We soon found a perfect home for us and are happily living there now. All of these transactions met our financial expectations thanks to Dan and Ashlee's negotiating skills. I highly recommend each of them

Steve & Laurie Bell

Thanks Dan and Ashlee for tireless work, unending support, and tenacious will. That’s why we chose you. We have been associated with Dan and Ashlee at Coldwell for a number of years. Our first dealings with them began about 25 years ago. Having moved from San Clemente to Arizona, we still had property in the city. About 8 years ago we decided to lease out the property and needed someone to find a renter for us. Although not their usual focus, Ashlee found a very good renter. After a year we needed another lessee and she found another family who lasted 5 ½ years. When they decided to leave, we contacted Ashlee and Dan and listed the property for sale with them. We had immediate results and lots of them. The property went into escrow very soon thereafter.

All was ok until the HOA interfered with the contract and the buyers balked and continued to misunderstand most everything throughout escrow. As we still resided out of state, Dan and Ashlee took up the challenge, accepted their responsibility representing us seriously and fought tirelessly for us with the uncooperative HOA, the management company, and buyer’s agents, until the day of closing. We have bought and sold numerous pieces of property, with numerous agents, but none performed up to our expectations as did Dan and Ashlee.Looking for great agents? Call Dan Raphael and Ashlee Hart . Thanks to them both

Mike Thompson

Dan, only the best real estate agent ever!

Dan White

With today’s limited inventory, trying to locate the right rental property in south OC can be a daunting task. As leaders, having access to “honest feedback” where our people and their performance are concerned, is more than crucial to continued success. I met Ashlee Hart by accident, checking out a listing from Craig’s List on my own. Ashlee had just shown that property to another customer and was about to get in her car when I stopped her, introduced myself and too inquired about the house. After I learned the particulars, she carded me and said if on a go forward, I would like her help to give her a call. The best decision I ever made was not throwing her card away! It would be an understatement to say the Coldwell Banker brand is served well by Ashlee Hart. Ashlee’s tireless enthusiasm and her attention to detail should be a lesson for every other agent on the team and all should take note of it. All in, we must have looked at over 20 properties. I must admit, I was losing steam and began to think it was never going to happen. Credit to Ashlee, she held me in close and was always a positive source of encouragement and the embodiment of professionalism. Today, the lease is signed and the move-in date is just around the corner. Thank you Ashlee!!!

Aaron Baird

We were very happy with the service we got from Dan & Ashlee. They found us exactly what we were looking for and negotiated a great price. They are a great team and were a pleasure to work with. Coldwell Banker is lucky to have them on their team.

Charles Balltierra

Dan was knowledgeable in all aspects of the sale. He was very through and kept us posted on all things. We would gladly use Coldwell Banker again

Erika & Nick Hartman

Dan was great! He kept us informed throughout our short sale. We felt in very comfortable with Dan and know that he was doing everything in our best interest

Kim Burton

Both Dan & Ashlee worked extremely hard for over a year under difficult circumstances and never lost hope or became unprofessional. They stuck it out till the end, even giving up their own commissions and using their personal funds. THANK YOU!

Donna Danielson

Dan and Ashlee were both excellent- Returned calls promptly and kept procedures running smoothly. As this was an out-of-area transaction, we were presented with complications that distance can provide, but all was covered very well

Mark McDougal

Dan and Ashlee both did a great job. Very conscientious, honest, hardworking. Ashlee is fantasic-Dan’s ok too

Dennis Stancik

Dan did a wonderful job of working us thru a needed short sale. Ashlee is a very fine detail person and they make an outstanding team.

Nalia Brewster

Dan and Ashlee went above and beyond with both of us (the buyers) and the sellers. They kept us informed about everything. They walked us through every step of buying a home. Even a month after our closing, they have been in contact with us. We would and we will recommend them to everyone we know!

Sherri Veronese

Dan & Ashlee did a wonderful job selling my house and finding me a lease property. I will use their senses again when I choose to purchase a property

Greg Baird

I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for professional assistance with real estate. He has worked with us on several home sales, and each time he has exceeded our expectations. He is great with recommendations and suggestions, and I feel that he does a quality job of representing his customers, whether they are buyers or sellers. He keeps his promises and is great on following up

Jeff Strickland

Providing quality service for almost 40 years, Dan Raphael is the consummate professional. Successfully supporting clients achieve their dreams in purchasing the perfect home with ease and efficiency

Tom Birdsong

I have known Dan Raphael for a number of years. He has been my selling and buying agent. Dan has always been there for all my real estate questions. This is in-valuable to me knowing how long he has been with "Coldwell Banker", assures me the information he gives is current and correct. Thank you for giving me the chance to commend Dan for all his help